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Hello! I'm Kryss! I have a wonderful obsession with otters!

I’m a easy person to get along with and I enjoy making new friends! If you wanna send me a line, you are welcome to on LJ, or send me a message/ask on tumblr. My LJ is semi-friends only, but if you comment asking to be friends, I'll sincerely consider you're request before promptly adding you!! ;)

My fanfiction is stored over at delrhei_writing if you were looking for it or were interested at all, where it's all organized by fandoms for easier access to look something up. I do write commissions, and if you were wanting me do write a commission for you, then head over to this page and leave a request there.

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Reading List 2013

Updated: April 26, 2013

Start of the new year, though a little late, I've started reading a whole lot more again. So, I decided to do another "Reading List", maybe I'll keep up with it this year. Right now I'm averaging at about 300 - 400 pages in two days, depending on what's going on around the house and at work, which means I've been speeding through a paperback novel with ease. It's already almost the end of January and I've already read at least ten books.

I've taken up with re-reading the Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, since she is one of my favorite authors. If contemporary supernatural with a twist of mythos and a spice of fiery romance is to your liking, I'd try it out. I was introduced to Fantasy Lover when I was still in the ninth or tenth grade, and I imediately fell in love with her style of writing that had the edge of humor that I loved in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As an added bonus, Kenyon mentions or makes many references to the television series, which makes the book series all the more lovable to me. Her writing is exceptional, brisk, imaginative, and the humor is perfect! Having borrowed and read most of the books in her series, I'm now starting to collect them for my own personal collection.

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